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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> ravens first game with baltimore gives them their first win. john harbaugh says indeed every time they take the field, every time they get the win, indeed 231-13, ravens knock off the chiefs. good evening, i'm pete gilbert. ravens got done what they wanted to do tonight. they showed improvement from week one to week two. a week ago they scored six points, tonight 31. there were times they struggled offensively. joe flacco was not as accurate as we have seen. tell what you, he's catching up
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with lee evans and they're developing a nice connection. let's look at the highlights from the ravens victory over kansas city. start in the first half. ravens take -- great atmosphere to start things off. there's webb, rule one. got to take care of the ball just a little pop and out goes the ball. played great for most of the game. dwayne bowe, couple catches. smith was good. succop gave to lee, 3-0. three catches for first downs. yeah, he's developing nicely. here comes billy cundiff, 49 yards good from 60. nice to have that kind of talent at kicker. tremendous first half. pats break up, i'm sure woe like to have had a touchdown. that said, he was in position to make the play. the defense came at him, chuck pagano let him go more. ellerbe with the sack.
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permle mcphee. originally ruled a fumble. called it incomplete but the pressure was there nonetheless. play that had raven fans oh, so very excited, joe flak yoketting with lee evans. three catches, 68 yards and ray rice with great hold, great balance and vision. he gos in for the touchdown. ravens first touchdown of the preseason. just before the half, the touchdown pass. when we go to second half highlights, here's succop again. did he have one miss off the uprights but not a bad night for ryan. defense in the second half, yeah, they come coming after the k.c. quarterback. sack there, nakamura on the blitz. when you don't touch him, that's likely to happen. jalen parmele. sees the hole, fights his way in to the end zone. ravens on top 17-13. to ensure they stay there, tyrod taylor, you cannot as gerry
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sandusky said, too quick, too good. one final time anthony allen, out of georgia tech, he is in. join meg now qadry had a busy not. not done yet. q, we look at the stats here. 17-16 first down. 2:38 for ravens, nice number indeed. fourth quarter is when they garnered much of the yard? >> certainly they looked very good as far as first team but second unit went out and impressed. i thought that again. you want to take the next steps with that first game to the second game. raven $that tonight. >> when we come back, we will check in with john harbaugh and see what he thought about it. i know he wasn't terribly thrilled with the way the end of the first half defensive tackled but i know he liked what he saw with the first timors out there. they made that improvement. when we come back, we will hear from the head coach. ravens victorious turn left.
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>> fly away with the ravens and airtran airwaves to jacksonville to see the ravens battle the jaguars. a package for yourself and one guest, hotel accommodations, ticket to the game and more. go to to enter. ravens victorious by a final 31-13. getting their first win indeed of the season, and preseason. qadry, the right side of the offensive line, jah reid, cousins played the entire game. looks like jah reid will be a starter. quick assessment? >> i thought it was important for them to get the valuable reps whether it be first unit, second unit. you need to go out there. you need to see what it looks like when the defensive ends are doing their different stunts, different looks at the defensive coaches will be thrown out at you and i thought they performed very well, keeping themselves
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mentally fit as far as making the right reads and opening up holes for the running backs to run through. >> progression from week one to week two. let's check in with john harbaugh at the podium. >> first of all, just addressing the end of the game, ok, i just addressed it with our team, normally, you know i want to apologize to the chiefs if they feel like we were not doing the right thing tend of the game, that wasn't the mindset. ok. the mindset was this was preseason f this was regular season, we would have been on a knee. the idea is give these young guys who work hard and who are trying to make a football team this, football team or another football team to play the whole 60 minutes and give them a chance to show what they can do. offensive line, rbs, everybody. that's the mindset. i know that's debateable. i know it's a point of view both ways. i understand that. i felt like that was the right thing to do for our players to give them a chance to see what they could do. that was the thinking on that. the other thing is what our guys did between last week and this week. talk about the second week.
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trying to make the most improvement. our guys worked as hard as i have ever seen a football team work. i'm talking about the leaders, terrell suggs, haloti ngata and joe flaccos. have i never seen a football team work as hard as they worked this week and showed up in the way we played. took it to the field. a lot of things we can work on to get better and we will work on those things this week. but proud of the work ethic and what can he did between last week and this week. >> did it look like you were explaining that at the end of the game, did it seem like todd understood after you explained it? >> yes, you see both sides and i think he said i don't know about that. i said preseason, preseason. he said ok. i and i got a lot of respect for todd hail why and a lot of respect for the chiefs organization and what they do. that's a really good football team. very physical football team and just i think they're doing a great job with the football team. it was just purely about trying to get young guys a chance 234
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in a game situation to show their abilities. >> anything for you bringing joe back out to start the fourth quarter, was that a sign you were concerned about the first half? >> no, that was the plan. we wanted to take our first offense into the first series in the third quarter if we could. in a normal year when we have o.t.a.'s we have gone to halftime but we felt we needed more work. next week we will play them as long as we can, obviously within reason. we need work. >> did you say at the end of the game at the other end, you would like to see yir defense play goal line. isn't that what this is about? >> to see the guys play. i don't it's anything -- it's -- those guys are the guys trying to make the last part of the roster and i think you have an opportunity on both sides to see how guys play. great point you're making. >> talk about reid's performance. >> david reed? i thought, the first drop obviously i wasn't too happy with and he came back and made the very next catch and tyrod came again for the big play. to see guys come up with the
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play was huge. plus drew pass interference down the left side, right? for only practicing a couple days, that was great to see. >> can you talk about joe scrambling to get out of the snocket >> you know what, i thought the protection was pretty good. i'm not saying -- i think in practice we got more pressure. young lie stepped up on the right side and did a good job. i can't wait to see the tape and how it worked out. i thought the line did ok. we will see on tape though. >> what about first string corners. looked like they played well. >> the ability -- and young guys did a good job, not just young guys, fox with his knee, lardarius played well and young guys. taking away quick passes and slants and look passes and those down the field completed and made a nice catch early. jimmy was there too and the corners played really well. >> what john harbaugh's saying, look, this is professional football.
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you're trying to get work done. if todd haley was upset they were doing that, i'm sorry, do something different. you got to work. >> preseason is about evaluation, not about the regular season. there's no feelings that should be hurt there. i think that todd haley is a competitor and he knows that. he wanted to have ravens take a knee but certainly when you're talking about evaluation process, will he have to look at that and say my team should have stopped him. >> great point. kicker's name is succop. maybe they should suck it up. >> there it is. >> this is the nfl. if you whine about it, we don't have time. we do have time when we come back, demeck with the new number 83, lee evans of the baltimore ravens. had a rather impressive debut here at m&t bank stadium. here at m&t bank stadium. certainly wearing purple. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. video camera for lectures. game pad.
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>> ravens victorious by a final 31-13. knocking off the kansas city
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chiefs. and let's go ahead and take a look at the rather impressive plays of the game. offensive play of the game, that is courtesy jalen parmele. he waited his time. went ahead and got the job done. this brought to you by med star. founded hole in for the touchdown. >> i like the fact he was patient opening up the hole. allowing it to develop. laquan williams, excellent job finding the end zone. >> defensive play of the game. ellerbe and lardarius webb as well. lardarius in on a blitz. ellerbe dropped the hammer. >> it's all about rushing the quarterback. chuck pagano has to like what he sees as far as this young group coming on and being very, very aggressive getting to the quarterback. >> joining us now is the new number 83 for the baltimore ravens, lee evans. lee, you had a pretty good game here last october we seem to recall. you get back out here at m&t bank stadium. looked good too? >> yeah. it was a good step in the right direction. we still have a long way to go to get to where we want to be.
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but it was good to come out today and get some -- get some balls out and make some plays and get this thing moving in the right direction. >> it was instant chemistry between you and joe. talk about that. >> yeah, it was good. the game kind of seemed easy compared to what i went through earlier in the week, just being thrown out there against our defense, which is one of the best defenses in the league. >> you're inside first. and then we go outside. >> how about this play, that was one of the plays you snatched it out of the air and made the grab. >> yeah. he threw it out there and i tried to keep a feet inbounds and it worked out. >> the last one, 43-yard grab. man-to-man coverage gives you the ability to go down vertical. >> exactly. that's the chemistry have you to build being able to throw the ball and threaten defenses. q can do everything underneath and on the outside do pretty
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much everything. add a vertical thread and it makes a much better offense. >> after everything i read, i was under the impression you could only go deep and run a nine route thrfment over the middle and catch and the nine. a lot more to your game maybe than people think. >> that's the goal. try to be complete receiver. and do everything. teams will try to take one thing away week to week. try to be as good as you can around all parts of the field. that's what i work on every day. >> looking back on your experiences and then moving forward in this ravens offense. how far do you think this offense can go? >> a ton of talent. sky's the limit. as long as we keep coming together and keep working together. we can be as good as the sky let's us be. i'm excited about it. been excited since i got here. today is a step in the right direction. >> lee, thank you so much for joining us today.
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welcome to baltimore. >> thank you. >> we -- by the way, we have countdown to kickoff, ravens and miller life invite to you celebrate countdown to kickoff week thursday night, september 8th. hang out live for a free 21 and over concert featuring chavle and hinder. friday the 9th, bar tour with the ravens cheerleading info. go to for more details. once again, ravens victorious by a final 31-13 over the kansas city chiefs. our next broadcast thursday, september 1 from atlanta. thanks so much for joining us. good night, everybody. you didn't get a miller lite?
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> i'm rod daniels. the story tonight, a raven's preseason win at home. they gave the kansas city chief the second loss of this season -- pre-season. >> i have been having a really good time watching all of the fans come out excited about the win. i spent time before the game, many of them have been going to the same spot for 20 years and they are ready for a winning season. there is a certain formula to tailgating. and fans like one of our professionals. she has been firing up the grill before every home game for 15
11:21 pm
years. >> usually we throw doubt and season games. today, it is turkey hot dogs. >> these fans have some lofty goals for the season. >> i think they can go 12 and three, maybe a 11 and 4. >> i love them, win or lose. we are looking for playoffs or further. >> of the preseason talk had them a little nervous. >> of thought they would have settled earlier than they did. they ended up coming around and doing the right thing. >> a new song in a video during kickoff is going to show fans how much they appreciate their support. it is meant to get the crowd involved and excited about another winning the season. >> it really resonates with the
11:22 pm
players asking fans to get up. he will see players left in their hands out and having everyone not get up and be part of the game. the next preseason home game is against the redskins next thursday. in with ahead and check a peak inside of the stadium. gosh, the ravens got the job done that they wanted to. john talked-about the marked improvement. several of them came late in the game, but it was guys that continue to fight. this team is interested in going much further than what they saw the kansas city chiefs handling, they fall to 0-2 on the preseason. evans making a market early. the and joe had the best
11:23 pm
connection of chemistry this evening. he finds his way to the end zone for the first time in the preseason, some great blocking up front. they opened up this big hole and they were able to enjoy his day defensively. very interested in being aggressive. there were several of the evening. a raven's did what they wanted to do tonight. go for a first half, and a pre- season game, no major injuries suffered. that is rule 1. jerry sandusky with more coming up later in sports.
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>> anytime you win, you can enjoy the game. the signal touch down here. there is the cutest raven's fan award for the week. you can share your pictures can't interact with the broadcast team. maryland added more jobs in the state last month, but not enough to stop the unemployment rate from ending up. the state added more than 10,000 jobs in july. a decline in the labour force since the decline to 7.2%. it is better than the average, they gave the stock market a fourth straight week of losses.
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and down 4% for the week. pg&e crews are looking to restore power. it is the second straight day of storms. residents of one complex are searching for a place to live after a third encounter with lightning. last night's strike caused a fire that engulfed their building. >> please go all the way back to the corner. >> he is still waiting to get into his home after a fire destroyed it. >> you can see the holes in the ceilings, but it gives you an idea of what happened. >> he and other families are hoping to salvage whatever they can. >> you're hoping for those keepsake memories, all of those videos still ok.
11:26 pm
>> of the fire started last night and quickly escalated to three alarms. firefighters were able to control the flames in about 30 minutes. >> and have confirmed that the cause of the fire was the lightning strike which caused approximately $500,000 worth of damage to the building. >> it had this third floor of the worst. it is boarded up and out, but they are all hanging down. >> this is the third time lightning has caused a fire in the subdivision. he is thankful nobody got hurt, but they stayed up late to make sure that potential looters did not capitalize on his misfortune. >> people who hang out, looking in, seeing who is coming in. >> we will find out where we're going to be living, i guess.
11:27 pm
see what the insurance company says. basic life stuff. >> last night's storm also brought hail to many areas. his video comes from and the nottingham area. you can hear the hail coming down hard. send your pictures that -- at a person in critical condition and someone else data after he stabbed his wife multiple times during a domestic peace. investigators say the woman moved out about a month ago, but returned with her son today to pick up some belongings. the boy escaped injury. he later died of his wounds had an area hospital. a jury found a man guilty of
11:28 pm
first-degree murder and connected to the murder of his ex-wife. he stabbed her more than 100 times. the motive behind the massacre was a text from the victim in which she apologized for having a miscarriage. nbc news has obtained a witness statement from the prime suspect in the disappearance of robin gardner. they provide more details of the day she disappeared, and insight into his personal finances. we have the story from aruba. >> we are happening -- hear about what happens in a row but in the form of a witness statement. interestingly, there are some questions about what happened on the beach that day. much of the questioning is about
11:29 pm
his finances. something he declined to answer, saying he was in a business that had ups and downs. he paid $600 a month in child support for his 14-year-old twins. he talked about the day she went missing. that woke up at 12:30 in the afternoon, they drank vodka and orange juice and left the room for a drive through downtown and headed toward the beach. she seemed comfortable in the water because he had seen her swimming a day previously at the pool and that she didn't have any problems with that. the water got rough and he did not look back because he was just trying to save his own life. he remains locked up in prison, prosecutors have a window of about two weeks to get more evidence. it will lodge a very extensive investigation and search of the island.
11:30 pm
that is for the purpose of finding the bodies of they have tangible proof that he could be tied to the disappearance. >> police have charged five men who they believe are connected to an armed home invastion -- invasion. the incident is similar to another area burglary. a group stole cash and valuables. officials are now investigating if there are more victims. surveillance video shows another flash mott robbery. the ravens home opener against pittsburgh comes on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. in the internal police document that shows stadiums may be targets for terrorists. three men convicted of murdering three boys 18 years ago walked out of that prison today. the new evidence that free to
11:31 pm
the memphis 3. >> the rain developed but mr. the stadium. there are more showers and storms in the weekend forecast. storms in the weekend forecast. aaaa... aaaa... aaaa... aaaa... a caramel mocha iced coffee? ahhh! deciding is easy with the new caramel mocha iced coffee from dunkin' donuts. try this sweet combo today. america runs on dunkin'.
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i got a guy. who? the drive-thru guy at dunkin'. everybody's got that guy. hurry in for dunkin's tuna salad and new tuna melt sandwiches. america runs on dunkin'. >> and other flesh of robbery and the washington, d.c. area. some thieves brought bags to carry out the items. each person stole $60 worth of merchandise. they believe the mummeries heartland on social networking sites and through text messaging. after 18 years in prison, the west memphis 3 are free men. the evidence shows they were wrongly convicted. in 1993, there were convicted of murdering three young cub's death as part of a satanic ritual.
11:34 pm
>> free for the first time in 18 years, he met with the media just moments after their release, as defiant as ever over their innocence. >> we can still try to clear our names. >> they were convicted of murdering and mutilating three cubs scout in west memphis arkansas in 1993. police and prosecutors called it part of a satanic ritual. and followed a viable the lead and miss kelly that receive sentences. sense tocumentary's describe the three, and not as murders, but as misfits. celebrities like johnny depp, eddie vedder and a girl from the dixie chicks. dixie chicks.


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